Here at S.O.OM we work with our bodies because we love them. Using Medicinal movement as a prescription to help balance our constitutions in every phase of life. No matter what lifestyle we lead our classes are meant to be enjoyed with the intent of bringing more balance to our life’s off the mats.

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This is the reason we offer the variety that we do. From gentle restorative practices to powerful vigorous sequences and somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum with offerings that include a bit of both, we want you to have all the variety you need to keep your body breath and mind in balance.

What a week at S.O.OM. looks like!

Most our offerings here can be classified in one of 3 categories

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We have a wonderful collective of instructors who’s offerings branch off of these categories such as BUTI Yin and Kundalini


The style of restorative offered here has a deep focus on calming the nervous system through ancient breathing techniques, gentle movement, physical adjustments and the use of plenty of props. In our restorative classes we focus of the subtle body to help alleviate anxiety, stress, hypertension, and soreness. Restorative is a meditative practice that focuses on grounding and stillness. All a welcome to partake in the benefits as we use lots of props to make this practice attainable for all trying to find more harmony in their bodies and life.


A well rounded blend, Hatha is the most commonly practice of yoga in the states. A combination of seated, kneeling, standing and reclined postures focused on alignment strengthening and lengthening tissue. Props are often used in these offerings to help us attain direct feedback and fully accomplish the goal of each posture, this also makes the practice attainable no matter what history our bodies have. Making these options great for all levels of yogi.


This practice can be defined as dynamic in its nature. This practice is very breath driven and focuses on bringing power length and rhythm to each movement. Deeply detoxing the lungs and body, the pace is athletic and empowering to challenge and grow trust in your body’s capabilities, strength and balance. These offerings are fueled by good vibes and upbeat music. Some of our Vinyasa practices are also heated by the use of cozy infrared lights to facilitate a deeper release.