Here at S.O. OM, it’s not about us, it’s about YOU.

This life can be wild messy fun busy and beautiful, with that in mind, every practitioner here has the intent of offering YOU an experience that brings more peace, balance and alignment to your life.

Owner, Manager, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga instructor and Janitor.

“I genuinely enjoy creating and holding space for anyone seeking peace, community and room to grow!” -Jenna

Jenna Marie comes from a very humble start. One of Southern Oregons very own vagabonds she has clawed her way out of the trenches, with a severely toxic and abusive upbringing, and dysfunctional early adulthood she didn’t start having any stability until she started in the wellness industry as a Massage Therapist in 2017.

She found herself fascinated by the answers that her studies of anatomy had to provide about the human experience and quickly developed a thriving practice of massage therapy fueled by the heavy reward she felt when her clients expressed relief from anxiety, pain, injuries, overall soreness and fatigue.

In 2019 she decided to further her education in pursuit of becoming certified as a Yoga Instructor. Finding yoga to be of upmost importance for her own mental clarity, physical capabilities and an ultimate form of self care, she loved the idea of guiding people to take their power back over their own healing through medicinal movement and wellness.

She has developed a keen fascination for the symbiotic relationship between plants, minerals, air and people. She finds joy in gaining knowledge of how to deepen this connection to nature continues to work to incorporate as much of this into her practice as possible.

Her practice originating with Massage Therapy and Yoga morphed into another form when in 2021 she opened Southern Oregon OM. Always ready to create a space for others to grow, she welcomed the idea of helping other practitioners like herself, providing them room to share their offerings in. Feeling very displaced herself in the wake of the 2020 upheaval that left small businesses and group classes dispersed and the local community divided and lost, she hoped to create a collective of like minded individuals that was welcoming, non judgmental and accepting at its root.

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Jenna Marie


She’s been with us since almost the beginning! Annamaria has been practicing for about 15 years and counting. Yoga has gotten her through many changes in her life as a support, as something to help her push through, and as something to help her find her calm. After receiving her yoga certification in NY, she worked in New York at a small studio and also worked in much larger, squished together studios.

She has been to India to further her cultural understanding of Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness practices yet finds more than anything the umbrella of this industry provides a vehicle to help people contribute to everyone’s wellbeing through her offerings that incorporate alignment, breathing techniques, physical adjustments and sound therapy tools.

She lives to learn more about the human body and spends her free time soaking up as much as she can gain. She’s always continuing her eduction as a practitioner and utilizes the many tools she picks up to keeps the experience fresh and personalized.

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